Accountants Marketing Content: Distressed Vs Shiny

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Accountants Marketing Content: Distressed Vs Shiny

By Patrick McLoughlin

‘I like imperfections. I like things that have a little crack in them…. I remember hearing an old demo Roy Orbison did years ago, a song called “Claudette.” He was just doing a demo at home and he got to a certain point in the song and he hit the wrong chord and said, ‘Oh shit.’ So he started over again.


And I said, “Whoa, I can get in there.”  That’s the thing with a lot of music. I think when it’d heavily produced it puts off people when they hear it.’

Tom Waits. From Tom Waits on Tom Waits Interviews and Encounters. Edited by Paul Maher Jr

It’s not just Tom Waits who’s drawn to imperfection.  I was reading about a furniture manufacturer who loans her finished tables out to pubs; but they have to be busy pubs. It works because the more action the tables see, the more worn they look.  It’s all about the patination, apparently.

But this isn’t about style or fashion, it’s about being genuine, being authentic.  If you’re reading this at PWC, then too right you want high quality production across all your content.  But what if you have a couple of rooms above a travel agents on the high street?

Accountancy Marketing content

The wild is trained from the tame

A few years ago, an accountants marketing company sold slick video production to dozens of firms.  The result was wooden looking, and awkward sounding, partners against a News At Ten style backdrop.  It just didn’t look right.  It didn’t feel true.

The partners weren’t encouraged to be themselves, they were encouraged to look and feel professional.  The curse of the ‘professional’ hits us again.  And of course, to fit the picture, they talked about assisting not helping their clients; purchasers not buyers etc.

Accountants marketing spectrum

The Client Spectrum

In the real world, we want to work with real people, not cardboard cut outs.

When I think about this a line from a Patrick Kavanagh poem always comes to mind: ‘the wild is trained from the tame’.  No doubt I’ve misquoted him, I can’t track down the poem it comes from.  But there is a process of discovering the real us from the persona we wear during working hours.

5 Tips to becoming a Diamond Magnet

ONE Put a great big photo of yourself on your homepage. Add another of your team if you have one.

TWO Show your personality. Don’t be afraid to show weakness.  Do you ever speak to people who always tell you how wonderful things are?  Their only failures are being just too successful?  In the end we stop asking them how they are, or at least listening to their answer.

Accountant marketing content jason

THREE Have a look at the video clips posted on LinkedIn by Carl Reader and Dr Claire Trévien. There are no elaborate backdrops, they let their message take centre stage.  They don’t try to impress, their focus is clear: they are just trying to help.

FOUR Case Studies and Testimonials.  We all love referrals.  They convert incredibly well because they act like a parcel of trust passed, hand to hand, from an existing client to a new one.  You have to earn this trust from marketing generated prospects and nothing does this better than case studies and testimonials. They build trust and reassurance through proof, as long as you’re specific and focus on the outcomes you helped clients create.

FIVE Don’t try to appeal to everyone.  Let your attraction be red hot to the few, not lukewarm to many.  Understand the clients that benefit most from working with you and focus on them.  They will pay you premium fees, stay with you longer and recommend similar clients to you as well.

All clients fall somewhere on the client spectrum from Diamonds to Doughnuts. To find out how to attract your perfect clients download your Free Report the 15% Advantage.

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