Accountancy Marketing: Don’t Let Vanity Ruin Your Returns

Accountancy Marketing: Don’t Let Your Vanity Ruin Your Returns

By Patrick McLoughlin – Accountancy Marketing blog

If there is one essential, simple rule of building your client list it’s to always put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. That means:

Don’t talk or write about what you want to say, think about what your ideal clients want to hear.

Don’t focus on getting your prospect to say yes to your proposal, focus on how you can best serve your prospect.

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Now look at the copy on your website.  If it all about your firm’s history people and services, delete it and start again.  Think, are my ideal clients interested in this?   Your ideal clients are interested only in what you can do for them. (“That which is written to please the writer rarely pleases the reader” – Dr Johnson).

Typical accountancy marketing website copy:

‘We offer a complete range of accounting services for individuals and businesses.  We have the experience and knowledge to deliver proven value added services way beyond fulfilling your basic financial reporting needs.’

 Here’s another:

Our size and experience makes us big enough to serve large owner managed businesses and charities, yet small enough to provide the same quality of personal service to local businesses and private clients.

Ideal client focused website copy:

Running your own business is hard work.  The freedom gained from going it alone can soon feel like a weight around your neck.  You realise that the quality of your work doesn’t determine your financial success.  But with the help and guidance you can build systems and processes to achieve the financial success you imagined. 

We work with business owners who need more than a bog standard accountant.  After all, where’s the benefit in your annual accounts if you don’t use the numbers to learn from the past and improve future performance?

The copy on your website should focus on the type of clients you can best serve; and as a result will pay you premium fees.  When someone reads your homepage copy it should obvious to them who you want to work with.  You can tell from the wording above that this firm targets business owners who’s businesses have stopped growing.

The shift in mindset will slowly transform how you think, not just about your marketing but every aspect of your practice.  You’ll find yourself pre-empting flows in your service delivery and improving the value your clients get from working with you.  As a result, your clients will stay with you longer (increasing their lifetime value, one of your most important KPIs).

It doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ll notice your emphasis shifting from selling to attracting new clients.

So the next time you are asked: “Tell me about your firm” don’t launch into your history.  Just ask them: “What would you like to know?”