Accountants Websites: Delete Your Homepage and Start Again

Accountants Websites: Delete Your Homepage and Start Again

By Patrick McLoughlin

This week’s blog is about more than your website. It’s about how you communicate with your clients and prospects and the feelings you generate.

Let’s start by taking a look at your website. How many of the top 10 claims below do you make on your homepage?

 We provide a friendly and reliable service.

     We pride ourselves on our professional approach.
     We are passionate about…
     We are a pro-active firm…
     We provide a personal service.
     We are the leading…
     We provide a range of accountancy services.
     We specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses.
     We provide services tailored to your particular requirements.
     Our history dates back to…

You have probably read before how your ideal clients aren’t interested in you, just what you can do for them. Read the list above again, from their perspective. Do you see how dull it is?

Every point made is about you the accountant, not me the reader. Now try to take out every ‘we’ and recraft the sentences using ‘you’. You phrasing is an incredibly powerful tool. It engages your readers and gives them ownership of the benefits you bring. Read next week’s blog to find out more.

Accountants Websites Facts

Drayton Bird, one of the greatest living copywriters, gave me some wonderful advice to help decide if copy does its job: read the copy and ask yourself so what? If you can’t justify every word you write, from your ideal client’s perspective, scrap it and start again.

It’s estimated only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy. The vast majority are looking for help or are curious. So don’t focus on why they should choose you. Instead give them quality content to help them overcome their problems and be more successful. Demonstrate the value you can bring by giving them value before they become a client.

Sadly, hiring a professional copywriter is no guarantee of quality. Last year I contacted a dozen plus copywriters looking for help to produce our first ever accountant’s website.  Some of the CVs received were stunning but most of the example work forwarded was poor.

Good copy on accountants websites is like talking to a good salesperson; you don’t recognise it. It’s natural, warm and does the job with the minimum of fuss.

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If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please leave a comment below.