Accountancy Marketing: Formula for Client Winning Testimonials

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Accountancy Marketing: Formula for Client Winning Testimonials

By Patrick McLoughlin

What’s the single most productive source of new clients for your accountancy practice?  If you are like the majority of firms it’s not the latest development in accountancy marketing: social media, apps or your website but good old fashioned referrals.

Referrals convert into clients because the referrer doesn’t just pass on your name; they also pass on their trust and belief in you. If your prospects haven’t been recommended, you have to build this trust and credibility yourself.

Whenever we make a major decision, like taking on a new accountant, there’s always a voice in our head arguing against change: ‘What if they mess up? What if they don’t deliver their promises? Are the current accountants really that bad?’

This is where testimonials can play a crucial role in accountancy marketing. If you can provide reassurance and proof to overcome their specific concerns, you’re making the decision to work with you so much easier.


Testimonials invoke trust and reliability

Preparing for Client Winning Testimonials

Identify the nagging doubts your prospects have about instructing you. Then prepare a specific testimonial for each objection.


If your research shows that a common concern is the difficulty and paperwork involved in appointing a new accountant, have an existing client explain that that was their major concern about working with you. Let them expand on the consequences they feared if the changeover ran into trouble.

Then have the client talk through what really happened. How you took over the paperwork and the change went through without a hitch. Then have them explain the benefits that came through working with you: the outcomes they achieved and what that meant to them personally and the business.

Now all we have to do is get the client to say the right things about us. Easier said than done? Well it’s easier than you think; you just have to ask them the right questions.

6 Questions for Killer Testimonials

1) What was the reservation that would have prevented you from choosing to work with us?

2) What have you found as a result of working with us? 

3) What in particular do you like most about working together?

4) What other benefits do you enjoy about working together?

5) Would you recommend us? If so, why?

6) Is there anything else you would like to add?

(The questions listed above come from Sean D’Souza’s excellent book: The Brain Audit.)

Once you have the answers back, start your testimonials with the doubts your clients had and groundless they proved to be.  You will be joining the conversation in your prospect’s mind and removing the doubts they are wrestling with.

Effective testimonials work because they focus on the outcomes your clients achieve, not how wonderful you are!  Your’e the mentor in the background helping the hero, your client, overcome their problems and thrive.

Do you use testimonials with prospective new clients?  Have you tried video testimonials? Please let us know how you use testimonials works for you by commenting below.

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