Accountants Websites: 15 Actionable Tips to Engage your Visitors

Accountants Websites: 15 Actionable Tips to Engage your Visitors

By Patrick McLoughlin

It’s estimated that 79% of your website visitors just scan-read your copy.  These tips will help you engage their attention. 

1) Keep the main body of your copy in a single column.  More than one column of writing will distract the readers attention. 

2) We are all used to reading from left to right.  So make sure there is nothing on your left hand margin that competes with your wording / copy.  That means no pictures, no testimonials or list of services.  

3) Embrace the Bullet Point.  There’s nothing like it to guide eyes to your key words and messages.  Use bold to emphasise key words.

accountants website apple                   Most accountants’ websites are awful. It’s not difficult to stand out 

4) Be careful using reverse type – white font on black background.  It’ s more difficult to read.  Same goes for using all capital letters. 

5) Generally keep your paragraphs short, especially the first one on the page. But do vary the length of paragraphs. 

6) Plain, simple English rules.  Keep it simple: buyers not purchasers. Help not assist etc 

7) Keep your sentences short.  An average of 16 words should do it. 

8) Avoid clichés.  Keep your copy fresh: “in the end” sounds better than “at the end of the day.” 

9) Images catch our attention better than words.  But, don’t over use them and make sure they serve a purpose: demonstrate your benefits or tease the reader to continue. 

10) Captions catch the attention far better than standard copy.  So make sure all images have one.  Check they again focus on your benefits – what your service can achieve, not the service itself.   

11) Don’t be Dull.  People are aware that accountants prepare accounts and file tax returns.  No need to list the obvious.   

12) Ensure every page has a purpose.  What do you want the reader to do?  Where do you want them to go?  What is in it for them?  

13) Make sure your tone is conversational and engaging.  Could you read your copy aloud to a prospective client?  

14) Don’t value your opinion too highly.  Your website isn’t aimed at accountants or accountancy marketing people.  Test it amongst your ideal client group.         

15) What interests your ideal clients?   What are their problems?  What do they type into Google when they are looking for information? 

Whatever topics come to mind, are the topics to focus your website content on.  Blog about them, write white papers and guides about them.  Your ideal clients care only about what you can help them achieve.  Align yourself to their interests and you are on a pig’s back.