10 Great, Free Accountancy Marketing Resources – Part One

10 Great, Free Accountancy Marketing Resources – Part One

By Patrick McLoughlin


This week's blog is quite short.  I am directing you to 5 of the best free accountancy marketing resources on the internet so I don't want to take up too much more of your time. 

Number One

Ian Brodie specialises in helping consultants, accountants and lawyers win new clients. I first encountered Ian as a contributor to the ambitiously named 2010 book: ‘Mastering the World of Selling.’  I’ve been a subscriber to his blogs ever since.  I recommend you download his free ‘Painfree Marketing Blueprint’ it’s excellent. 

Ian’s advice is always actionable and effective.  I like the patient, encouraging tone to his video presentations and blogs.  If you have not come across Ian Brodie yet, have a look at his website today. 

Number Two

Drayton Bird  The Chartered Institute of Marketing named Drayton Bird one of 50 living individuals who have shaped today’s marketing.  David Ogilvie the ‘father of modern advertising’ said: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”  

Now in his 70s Drayton travels the world delivering speeches and public seminars on copywriting and marketing.  If you visit his site you can register for his email tips and blog.   As long as you are not easily offended you will learn from a very funny master. 


accountancy marketing dryton bird

I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with Drayton last year at his annual EADIM – European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing event.  If you want to learn how to: write better, measure the effectiveness of your marketing, plan and test campaigns, improve SEO.... the list goes on, have a look at the website. 

Number Three

Helen Wilkie is the author of ‘Make Your Words Count: a Short Painless Guide to Business Writing for Accountants’ She is a professional speaker and helps professional service firms with their communication and marketing.  And if that wasn’t enough, she also writes a great blog. 

You can see the depth of her knowledge in her writing.  I have found myself mulling over some of her blog days, even weeks, after I read them.  I have been so impressed with Helen’s work that we are talking about running a training event together in the UK in 2013. 

Number Four

The Eyelet is the blog of Ohio based professional services marketing firm Mlicki. Again, it is very well written and fluff free.  Jason Mlicki clearly knows his stuff. 

It’s always well researched, filtering the latest marketing developments into bite sized chunks.  The content reflects the firm's service offers focusing on differentiating, attracting and retaining new business.   Great to see such practical advice from a creative marketing team.

Number Five

RainToday.com is an award winning online website for marketing and selling professional services. I came across the website after reading the excellent book Professional Services Marketing by Mike Schultz and Jon Doerr.  Mike Schultz founded the group and Jon Doerr is a regular contributor. 

Basic membership is free and it gets you regular newsletters and access to one article per week.  If you want more, you can pay an annual fee and access loads of extra content including: research, webinars and a library of archived articles. 

Next week I am recommending 5 more free, excellent, helpful sources.  But please do help me out by recommending your favourite blogs, websites, groups or forums.   Or if you want to recommend your own blog or content please do comment below so we can find out all about you. 

Finally congratulations to Alan Wiley of the Cork based firm Scanlan & Associates who is getting married in a couple of months.