Video Marketing for Accountants

Video Marketing for Accountants

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to our guest blog writer and old friend Freddie Rostand. Freddie and I worked together over 20 years ago at the publishing group EMAP.  After losing touch and moving to the south coast we met up again.  Well I could hardly miss him as he presented the local BBC News program!

Several awards later, Freddie set-up Rostand productions to help firms maximise their returns from video. Over to Freddie:

It’s the age old problem in this profession – how do I differentiate myself from my competitors? How can I attract new clients?

With so many accountancy firms competing for clients and all offering the same blurb on their websites it’s hardly rocket science to work out that you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If I do use video what do I need to consider to get the most out of it?

Web video does this. And for a number of reasons.

We live in a time-pressured world.  People don’t have time to read lots of text. We demand instant information at a keystroke to answer our questions. The average dwell time on a text only website is 3 seconds. According to Google this increases to over 3 minutes with the right sort of video content. And it boosts the conversion rate. And it boosts your search rankings on Google.

Video marketing for accountants

 Freddie Rostand

So not only does web video attract more potential clients to your site, it keeps them there for longer and it converts more of them into enquiries. It also cuts your marketing costs.

Video has the power to convey information and emotion within a very short space of time. No text however well written can do this. Viewers can also see you and form a bond with you. It’s never just what you say, for the viewer it’s also how you say it.

The average person spends 8 hours a day looking at a screen – computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop,TV. And this is increasing. The growth of web video as a communication tool is growing at a phenomenal rate.  It’s a medium no forward thinking company can afford to ignore.

So what’s the right approach for you?

It’s the same for all businesses. The visitor doesn’t want to know about you, how big or small you are, how nice and friendly you are, your personal service and all the other standard promises of accountancy websites. They’re only interested in solving their own problems.

Visitors to your site are information gathering, they’re not potential buyers yet.

Web video can catch your website visitor in a fraction of a second and keep hold of them.  Give them what they want and they’ll become potential buyers.

We know you will need help from seasoned professionals to craft your message and deliver it and exploit the full potential of the medium.  Check out any web video company you are thinking of using.  Look at their portfolio.  Does it scream quality? Can they help you craft your script? Shape your message?

You need to ensure you use professionals in the business. The video will reflect your brand. If it’s poorly lit, badly framed, a story / message badly told or too long what will viewers think? You’re unprofessional.

You could also consider building a library of videos. Establish yourself as an expert. For example, you could use short 60′ clips highlighting the latest changes in tax law, or reacting to the budget. Offer information, tips and advice FOC. You can stream discussions and do Q and A’s with your clients online. You will reassure your existing client base who will be impressed, seeing you as smart operators, as experts, generate referrals, and attract new clients.

Freddie Rostand of Rostand Productions

Rostand Productions staff have worked as journalists for BBC News for 20 years in a medium where clear, concise and accurate messages have to be crafted and delivered to the viewer in a film of 1 to 2 minutes.

To find out how Freddie and his team can make video work for your practice give him a call on 0845 474 5671 or email him at