Finding the UK’s Most Inspiring Accountant

Finding the UK’s Most Inspiring Accountant 

By Patrick McLoughlin

There’s a great line in Paul Dunn and Ron Baker’s ground breaking book, The Firm of the Future: ‘We want an accountant who can help us create beans rather than simply count them.  Can you do that?’

The answer to this question divides the profession.  I still speak to accountants, starting out in practice, that believe 90%+ of their firm’s income should come through compliance.  If Compliance = Commodity = Cheapest Fee Wins, hasn’t hit home yet, please read Rob Nixon’s excellent book, Remaining Relevant.  Whilst The Firm of the Future helped transform the profession, Remaining Relevant warns of the bleak future ahead for those that present the numbers, but can’t help improve them.

The UK's most inspiring accountant

The Problem with a Compliance only Service

Who knows if the future of compliance work is as bleak as Rob Nixon predicts: fees to drop by 50%+ and a shrinking workload as accounting software gradually replaces the accountant.

But there’s no doubt that the UK’s most profitable practices provide a service that starts, not ends with compliance.  They help clients to forecast and improve their cashflow,  reduce debt,  improve profitability,raise capital, analyse product profitability, the list does go on.   In doing so they double or triple their fees and the work is more profitable!  Most importantly though, they serve their clients better.  The accountants’ work is more involved, more fun and more rewarding.  The clients are more successful, create more jobs and wealth.

To inspire accountants to make this difference and serve their clients better Steve Pipe has launched the hunt for The UK’s Most Inspiring Accountant. The winner, who shares a £10,000 reward with their client, will tell the best story of how they have made a significant difference to a client.

In a nutshell:

► Entry is free, open to the entire UK accounting profession and you can nominate yourself

► The entry form requires the accounting firm to tell the story of how they have made a significant difference to a client

► On 24 September 2015 the winners will receive a trophy, the title “The UK’s Most Inspiring Accountants” and a cheque for £10,000 to share with the client (you?) whose story they tell

► And those who don’t win the first prize will still have a really strong chance of being featured in Steve’s next book “The world’s most inspiring accountants”

► Best of all, every firm featured in the book will have the right to describe themselves as “officially one of the world’s most inspiring accountants” – with an awards logo to match – which will be of priceless PR and marketing value

What a great opportunity to showcase your proudest achievements.  To apply just click on this link now and get typing.

But act quickly the deadline is June 30th 2015.