Accountancy Marketing: Are you Putting People Off? You Should Be

Accountancy Marketing:  Are you Putting People Off?  You Should Be

By Patrick McLoughlin

I am one of those very lucky people that love their work.  No two days are the same working in accountancy marketing.  The best part is telling a client we have smashed their revenue target.  I am sure it’s the same for you when you identify new tax savings or help a client improve their bottom line? Equally though, we are not going to succeed with every client we work with.  As much as I love success, failure leaves a far deeper impression.  Looking at the clients I couldn’t help succeed I noticed that they shared quite a lot in common.  That discovery transformed my marketing. The first thing I did was write a report: ‘Is Telemarketing Right for my Practice?’ Then I promoted it on the website and over the phone. The purpose wasn’t to convince that telemarketing was the answer, but to identify the people and practices it would fail.  I wrote about how time consuming and frustrating it could be.  I even included a picture of a big scary telephone; hardly enticing is it? 

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I did everything I could to deter the firms I thought would fail.  In the process I stumbled across a valuable lesson.  As the American copywriter: Charles H Brower put it: Honesty is not only the best policy, it is rare enough these days to make you pleasantly conspicuous.” As well as deterring the unsuitable, the warts and all guide built trust.  It showed I was interested in the readers benefit, not a short-term sale.  The enquiries generated from the report were very different to the usual. People were less suspicious.  The conversations were more open, less guarded.   The conversion rate of, enquiries to new clients, went through the roof! Apart from increasing the average lifespan / value of a client, the experience taught me: 
  • The more honest you are the more trust you will build with potential clients. 
  • If you focus your marketing on helping your ideal client, and not winning the business, you win more business. 
  • Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes.  Ask yourself the questions they are thinking. 
  • Honesty doesn’t just help you win more business.  It creates better business relationships.

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