Video is Key to Selling Accounting Sevices

By Patrick McLoughlin

The world of accountants marketing is ever changing. If you don’t already use video on your website consider this:

  • I.T. giant Cisco Systems, predicts 90% of all internet traffic will be video in the next 3 years.
  • People stay an average of two minutes longer on a website when they watch video. (Source, Comscore)

Video offers you fantastic opportunities to attract new clients.

1 Video Engages Website Visitors.

We know it is easier to watch TV than to read a book.  Well the same principal works with video.  Visitors will stay on your website longer if there is video.  The longer they are on your site the more opportunity they have to make contact and start a relationship with you.
It’s well known how our attention spans have reduced over the years.  Many of us tend to skim read website copy until something jumps out and grabs our attention.  Video hold our attention allowing you to make your point with greater effect.

2 Gets your Personality Over and Differentiates your Practice. 

It’s difficult to convey emotion in blocks of type. Video brings you and your message to life.  The more senses your message engages, the more effective your message will be.
There is no better way to get across the difference you can make than explaining it yourself.  Although the use of video will grow enormously over the next couple of years, right now it’s still relatively unusual.  Featuring video on your website will stand you apart your competitors.

3 Gets More Visitors to your Website

Your web pages rank higher with Google the longer a visitor stays on them.  Video is proven to hold visitors for longer.  This in turn helps you get your website get found easier / rank higher with the search engines.
It also helps that Google owns YouTube.  So naturally if your videos are also on YouTube you can expect to rate higher on Google.  It’s estimated that your webpage is over 50 times more likely to show up on page one of Google, if it contains video.
Finally, when your search results do appear, video has a far higher click-through rate than text.  All this means your video clips allow you to get more clicks than competitors investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

4 Builds Trust and Credibility 

Building trust and credibility with your ideal prospects is essential to winning new business.  Video client testimonials will do just that for you.
To be effective, plan what you want your clients to say.  I am not suggesting you script an interview; it’s vital they sound natural.  But you can help them to focus on the problems and opportunities that you helped them with. 

The more common those issues are with your ideal clients, the more impact you will have.

5 It’s Easy and Cheap 

I went to a seminar about video on B2B websites a while back.  Most of the time was spent explaining what lighting you need, how powerful the camera must be, essential editing software etc.  All rubbish.  Anyway, if it looks too slick it’s more likely to put viewers off. 

If a technology halfwit like me can manage to get video on my website, you certainly can.  All you need is a camcorder (make sure it has a socket for an attachable mic) a lapel mic (less than £20) and a tripod from any pound shop.

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