Accountants Marketing: Persuasive Communication

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By Patrick McLoughlin

Clarity is everything in communication.  So why do so many practices still use jargon and the biggest words possible to get the message across?  Accountants Marketing is no different to any other form of marketing. Follow the 10 simple hints below to make your views clear and persuasive.

1. Try to be yourself, write as you would talk.   Copywriting is salesmanship in print. Corporate  formality doesn’t sell over the phone and it’s no different in writing.

2. Go for long copy over short. Nobody invests in something they don’t understand,  explain your offer.  The more informed the reader is, the more likely they are to commit.

3. Focus on what’s best for the reader.  Don’t go for the hard sell, show them how your offering is best for them.  Be an advocate for your client not just for your offer.
4.  Tell stories: the mind is hardwired, throughout  history, to process information through stories.  It makes you more personable and shows you know what you’re talking about as your speaking from experience.

5.  Keep it simple.  Your sentences should be short  and to the point, use bullet points. The best sentences are usually no more than 20 words. Don’t use jargon and replace large words with small ones wherever possible.  Make sure every word serves a purpose.

6.  Always sleep on your copy. Never send it out on  the day you write. The fresh light of day brings a new perspective. Get someone to look over it and read it aloud. Make notes of where they have difficulties or repeat themselvelves.

7.  Edit, edit, edit. Delete your first few paragraphs, more often than not they will be full of irrelevant fluff – get straight to the point. The same applies for your favourite passage, what pleases you does not always please your reader.

8.  Don’t be predictable. Avoid clichés such as highest quality, best service, proactive accountants.  They’re so overused that they’ve become meaningless. Your reader will switch off. Try to be original.

9.   If you really want to write well, immerse yourself in writing. Nobody is born a good writer; you have to work at it. Read good writing for inspiration.  Signup to newsletters and tips from the best copy writers.  My personal favourites are Drayton Bird and Bob Bly.  Google them, get on their email lists, see if you like their style.

10. Before you start typing, consider the re-action you want to  provoke.  Make your call to action clear. Make sure you present strong reasons for them to take action.  Focus on “What’s in it for them.”

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