The Minimum Premium Clients Expect

By Patrick McLoughlin – Accountancy Marketing

If you’ve read a few past blogs you know how often we focus on identifying and understanding your ideal client. It works the same way for your clients.

They may not physically list the qualities and experience they’re looking for but they know what feels right and what feels wrong.  Sometimes it’s obvious. The first mortgage adviser I ever met with had a black eye and took notes on a pen from the local casino!  His technical ability was irrelevant; no one was listening.

Look and Feel the Part

If you’re taking a step up to higher fees and increasing influence with your clients, you need to understand how their expectations change to. You are no longer judged on the binary decision: competent or not?  The bar rises with your fees.  If you don’t look and the feel ‘right’ you fall at the first hurdle.Accountancy marketing testimonial

Not all clients are prepared to pay their accountants premium fees.  Those that are have greater expectations and if you don’t look the part they’ll pass you by.

They expect you to have a half decent website.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or it’s half completed, they’ll raise their eyebrows.

Get the Basics Right

Send an email from any address that doesn’t match your website domain and you’re damaging your credibility.  They’ll expect your emails to have a tidy and consistent ending, listing your contact details, professional qualifications etc.

If you must use an answer phone make sure you leave a professional message on it including your firm’s name.

It’s just as important in the next stage of the client attraction process: the meeting.  A cheap suit or shoes is inconsistent with the look of a successful key adviser.  Even the pen and paper you scribble notes on is noticed.  If you’ve been using a biro and cheap notepad think about how that comes across.

sole practitioner accountancy marketing

Accountancy marketing isn’t all about generating enquiries.  You need to appear professional every time prospects come into contact with you.

If you have defined a clear message of who you help best and how, you have to be consistent.  To be authentic, and feel right, your difference must be clear across all channels.  It must be unmissable on your website and the focus of your LinkedIn profile.

If you use social media, make sure your content is built on the foundations of your core message – the outcomes you can help your ideal clients achieve.

Ideal clients don’t often fall onto your lap.  But if your message is focused and your benefits clear, you will soon notice the improved quality of prospects getting in touch.

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