LinkedIn for Accountants: 10 Tips to Improve your Profile

By Karen Bennett – LinkedIn for Accountants 

As an accountant it’s important to present yourself in a positive and professional light on professional social media channels, especially LinkedIn.

Many accounting firms rely largely on word of mouth from their existing client base for new business.  One of the first things potential clients do is run a search on the accountant’s name they’ve been referred to.  Any proactive accountant will want to make sure their LinkedIn profile stands out.

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first (and could be the last) chance to make a positive impression online.  Your profile is critical to your professional image, your firm’s brand and your credibility.

So how do you create a successful LinkedIn profile?  Let’s look at some quick and easy tips to get the most out of LinkedIn for accountants.

LinkedIn for Accountants – Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Photo: Your photo should be a professional picture of you in smart attire.  Remember to smile.  You want to be approachable and likeable.  Don’t cut and paste an image of you at a wedding or out with friends.
  2. Headline: Be creative with your headline section.  Describe what your role is, but also try to communicate what your firm does.  Your headline is your introduction to potential new clients.  Make it count!
  3. Summary: Use your summary section wisely.  It should be a paragraph telling a story about who you are, what you do and how you help your clients.  Summarise your key strengths, responsibilities and achievements to build your credibility.
  4. Call To Action: It’s often overlooked but include a call to action on your profile.  Examples include ‘call today for a free consultation’ or arrange to meet me for a coffee’.  Remember to include your email address and phone number so potential clients can contact you directly.
  5. Add media: On the experience section, it can be advantageous to add and utilise media material to showcase your firm’s offering.  You can add documents such as brochures, photos, links to your website, promotional videos or copies of presentations.Linkedin for accountants
  6. Interests: Always include your interests on your LinkedIn profile. It shows the more human side of you and people relate to that.
  7. Education: I would always recommend filling out the education section, especially those courses relevant to your current role.  This reinforces trustworthiness and integrity with your target market.
  8. Research: There’s absolutely no harm in having a look at what your peers have done on LinkedIn.  You can take the best ideas and tweak them for your own profile.  However, only include honest information that accurately represents you and your own role in your firm.
  9. Posts: You can post blog material on LinkedIn which is automatically distributed to your connections through the notification icon.  This can be a fantastic way of feeding valuable content out to your network.

Written by Karen Bennett, Head of Marketing at BrightPay Payroll and auto enrolment software.