Accountancy Marketing By Changing the World

It is a real pleasure to introduce this week's guest blog writer: Steve Pipe.  Steve founded the 'Added Value Network' (AVN) the UK’s largest network of independent accountants.  He now lectures to accountants and their clients across Europe – and has become one of the UK’s most in-demand business speakers. By Steve Pipe Here are 4 simple but powerful ways that one small accountancy practice in Peterborough is changing the world – and you can do the same. Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants in Peterborough really is starting to change the world by addressing  four of the biggest big challenges facing us today: economic stagnation, global warming, suffering and youth unemployment. And as a result he is growing his practice by giving it much more energy, a much stronger sense of purpose and a priceless reputation as accountants who really are making a difference. Here is how he is addressing the four big challenges… TACKLING ECOMOMIC STAGNATION: Despite an intense fear of public speaking, the other week Shaz launched an “Accelerated Profits Forum” business club to help local businesses create more wealth, jobs and prosperity for themselves and the region. And according to Shaz the launch event “went phenomenally well”. REDUCING GLOBAL WARMING: As well as offering a free “Sustainability audit” to any client or prospect who wants it, Shaz tells me they are “signing up to become Investors in the Environment with our local city council.  Peterborough is on its way to becoming the UK’s leading environmental city so it is only right that we join them.” ALLEVIATING POVERTY AND SUFFERING: By connecting what the practice does to the causes it believe in via the B1G1 giving engine, Shaz and his team have already made life a little bit better for 20,184 people in real need.  And no, I haven’t plucked that figure from mid-air - it is all fully quantified behind the link below. As you will see there it includes giving 13,352 people access to clean water for a day, 1,182 people vitamin supplements for a day and 867 children education support for a day. And that’s not all. AA’s leadership has inspired 14 of their clients to connect what they do with the causes that they believe in. And as a result those clients have helped to make life a little bit better for another 66,150 people in need. (You can see that number behind the link above too). REDUCING YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT: AA Accountants are also in the process of recruiting two apprentices to (a) help the firm make more of a difference to more people, and (b) give the young people in question a really positive start to their working life and career. So who says accountants can’t change the world? Shaz’s story shows very clearly that… Little by little. One tiny step at a time. Accountants really can make a difference. Really can make things better. And, in that way, really can change the world. In Shaz’s case he has started changing the world by helping to: ►Create jobs, prosperity and wealth in the local economy through his business club ►Reduce the carbon footprint of local businesses through his SustainAbility Audit ►Directly make life better for 20,184 people in need across the world, with the help of B1G1 ►Inspire his clients to make life better for another 66,150 people in need ►And give two unemployed young people in Peterborough a helping hand onto the job ladder via their apprenticeships And he has started changing the world for his own practice by: ► Building a really strong reputation and brand ► Earning more trust ► Generating more word of mouth advertising ► Doing more work for his existing clients ► Having more meetings with prospects That’s how Shaz is changing the world.  How are you going to do it? Steve Pipe FCA  Free resources to help you change the world A full suite of free resources to help you change the world is available at You can also get free guidance and support by joining he Accountants Changing the World LinkedIn group -