6 Easy Steps to Becoming an Author: Stand Out from the Competition

By Helen Wilkie 

Last week I wrote a guest post about the value of being an author — not of an ebook, not of a "special report" but of a real, honest-to-goodness printed book. If you didn't read that post you might want to check it out

Some readers, though, may still see becoming an author as one of those "love to do it but who has time" items. Or the obstacle may not be time but writing ability. Some may have considered working with a ghostwriter — until they found out how much that can cost! 

But this is 2013, and now there's a better way to get your expertise into print and reap the rewards of being a published author. It takes advantage of two facts: 

1.      Professionals find it easier to talk about their areas of expertise and answer questions about specific aspects of it than facing the daunting task of writing a book. 

2.      Today's technology allows us to leverage the first fact by talking the first draft of the book. 


marketing for accountants book

                                        Show your Expertise in print

Recognition of these two facts led me to create my revolutionary new program, The 90-Minute Author. Here's a summary of the steps that can lead you effortlessly into authorship with this program. 

1.      First, you decide what your book will be about. This should be a tightly focused subject, not everything you know about taxation or business start-ups or anything else. (If you have trouble narrowing this down, I can help you in a free preliminary phone conversation designed to help you decide if the program is for you.) 

2.      Between the two of us, we come up with about ten questions people might, or do, ask you when they need information on this subject. You take some time to consider your best answers to these questions. 

3.      In a 90-minute telephone or Skype conversation, I interview you based on the pre-arranged questions. These answers become the content of your book! Unlike using a ghostwriter, you really are the author of this book. It's your message, your thoughts, your expertise. 

4.      I record the conversation and  have it transcribed. I then put on my professional editing hat to polish it, tightening the prose and making sure the jargon level is right for your clients. I also divide it into chapters, add a table of contents and include an About the Author section that allows you to promote your business to everyone who reads your book — how cool is that? 

5.      I use the services of one of my graphic design associates to create a cover and inside layout of your book. You approve the final product before it goes to print. 

6.      I arrange for the printing of your book by an experienced book printing company that will produce a book you will be proud of for its "look and feel" as well as your content. 

And that's it! Now what's your excuse for not standing out from your competitors by becoming an author? 

If you agree that there really isn't any excuse any more, read all the details about The 90-Minute Author and drop me a line by email to schedule your free consultation call. Soon you'll be able to say, "I wrote the book on it!" 

Don't waste any more time — email helen@helenwilkie.com today to schedule your free telephone consultation and start your journey to authorship the easy way!


 Helen Wilkie is a marketing copywriter and consultant who works with professional services firms. The 90-Minute Author is a service she created for clients who understand the value of authorship but don't have time to do it the old fashioned way. http://www.helenwilkie.com