10 Great, Free Accountancy Marketing Resources – Part Two

By Patrick McLoughlin

This week I have another 5 excellent, free accountancy marketing resources for you.  If you missed part one click on the link. 

Number Six

Vitberg LLC Marketing Professional Services.  Alan Vitberg was an award winning Chief Marketing Officer for a Top 100, US accounting firm before setting up Vitberg LLC.  

The website offers the knowledge base you would expect from the man who developed and installed one of the first inbound marketing programs for professional services firms in the US.  The white papers and blogs focus on designing and building websites for lead generation and content marketing and social media. 

On-line lead generation has been slow to take off with professional service firms on both sides of the Atlantic.  Search the website now to find out how to convert your on-line presence into a lead generation machine. 

Accountancy marketing ideas selling accountancy services


Number Seven

LinkedIn Groups  If you are not already a member of any of the multitude of groups focused on accountancy marketing in LinkedIn, have a look at them today.  They are wonderful forums to find answers to marketing problems or get hold of a second opinion.  

You can also find some of the best marketing blogs and white papers, regularly posted by the top experts in the business.  

The only downside is wading through the lazy, spamming recruiters who continually post jobs on the discussion board.  They are especially annoying as each group has its own JOBS area.  

Here’s some of the groups worth looking at: 

Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), 

Marketing to Professional Services

PM Forum, 

Professional Services Marketing and Business Development

Professional Services Marketing Group

Resources Group Professional Services Marketing & BD Bulletins 

Social Media Marketing for Financial Services 

If I have missed one of your favourite groups out please let me know.

 Number Eight


You can find a range of helpful whitepapers and a great blog at the Winningwork.com website.  Adam Gordon and his team specialise in helping professional service firms with both traditional marketing and new media: have a look at his Free LinkedIn opportunities guide.



                                     Social Media is transforming accountancy marketing

Number Nine

Kintish Founded in 2000, Will Kintish has built an impressive business helping professional service firms improve their returns from networking, negotiating, presentation and LinkedIn.  

Again, there is plenty of free helpful advice available from the website.  And you can access some great webinars and tips at KintishTV If you are looking to make the most of video on your website, here’s a great example to learn from. 

Number Ten 

Seth Godin has written 14 best sellers translated into over 30 languages.  American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer.”  He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. 

Sign up for his blog and look through the ‘Free Stuff’ on the website. There is more than enough there to transform your views on marketing accountancy services.