Marketing for Accountants: What to do between first and proposal meetings

By Martin Bissett

In winning new work in the accounting profession, a lot of efforts fall down in the crucial period between first and second meetings with a potential client.

If an initial meeting has resulted in a second meeting, we have every right to feel very pleased with ourselves.  We’ve created a strong first impression, we’ve been able to understand the business’s needs and we have a solution for them.  This is a great start.

It’s important therefore that we maintain the momentum post-meeting and so a strong recommendation is to make things very easy for yourself.  Keeping the principle of making sure that your prospective client has got something to look forward to from you at all times, it’s great to just perhaps spend some time in the car, maybe round the corner, maybe in the car park, and just record by phone, by dictation, by whatever method you find convenient, what the next actions are going to be in a simple letter.

With modern technology being as it is, that can be emailed or sent to our office as we’re driving home and as we get back to the office, it can already be presented, prepared and ready for our signature, therefore it can go out in the post that night and maintain that impression and perception that the business has of a firm that is very interested in working with them.

Also, when we get back to the office it’s important that we debrief anybody who might be involved in this process.  If we’re having a team help us with the proposal document, we need to schedule time for that.

When we’ve got all those pieces in place, the letter has gone out, everyone’s doing what they need to do and we’ve scheduled time in our diary to prepare the proposal documents, we can now get on with returning the calls and the emails that have come in whilst we’ve been out, because everything that needed to be dealt with on that prospect has now been dealt with and we are in good control of winning this work.

To Your Continued Success
Martin Bissett
Founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership